Totum Sport Announced as Hydration Partner to ŠKODA Celtic Series

We are delighted to announce Totum Sport as the new hydration partner to the ŠKODA Celtic Series

From Nadal to Galway GAA, Totum Sport is considered among the most advanced hydration solutions in the marketplace. Event participants will each receive a Totum Sport product sample in addition to the support of Totum Sport at the Totum Sport Hydration Station located 20km from the event finish, for the last push home.

TOTUM SPORT is the world’s most authentic hydration solution for all sports performers and guarantees reduction in cramp, maximum recovery, sustained focus and enhanced stamina. The 100% natural supplement is the only product of its kind that replaces all 78 electrolytes and trace elements required for total hydration.

Totum Sport is operated by Irish company – Cellnutrition Sport – based in Galway, with offices in Sunderland and Boston, USA.

Totum Sport is harvested underneath plankton blooms in the world’s oceans – the most mineral rich places on earth – and the product concentrates on rehydration through total cellular health.

Every competitive sports performer knows that a fully hydrated body and mind are the only ways to insure optimised performance and concentration, something which only Totum Sport guarantees by focusing on the interdependency of electrolytes and elements.
All of our product is batch tested by ‘Informed Sport’’ and ‘Informed Choice’ and is currently being used by as diverse a sporting field, from the Galway Hurling Team to 17 times Grand Slam winner Rafael Nadal

Totum Sport is a technical hydration partner with the League Managers Association (LMA) in the UK, Soccerex (Global) and is close to announcing strategic partnerships with key sporting franchises around the world.

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